Nokia Tops Apple By More Than 150%


Since August 2012, Nokia stock has beaten Apple stock by more than 150%. It may come as a shock to many, but it seems the biggest reason lies in the fact that Nokia sold about 4.4 million Lumia smartphones. This is in conjunction with the fact that iPhones seem to be declining and overtaken by Samsung’s phenomenal sales for its Note II and Galaxy S3 phones. As a result, the Lumia has crept along in sales as a silent competitor and given Nokia just enough push to raise its stocks to notable values.

Nokia CEO Stephen S. Elop stated, “We are pleased that Q4 2012 was a solid quarter where we exceeded expectations and delivered underlying profitability in devices & services and record underlying profitability in Nokia Siemens Networks. We focused on our priorities and as a result we sold a total of 14 milion Asha smartphones and Lumia smartphones while managing our costs efficiently, and Nokia Siemens Networks delivered yet another very good quarter.

This is also great news for Microsoft because Lumia phones are based on a Windows operating system.

Could this be the start of Nokia’s rise to that of Apple and Samsung? Chances are slim in the long-run because Apple seeks to expand into the Chinese markets and Samsung is making a killing with their new line of smartphones and will not be holding back. There are also rumors that Samsung is coming out with a new flexible, and bendable smartphone that surpasses other competitor’s models.

[Image via Nokia]