Ohio Teen Takes His Great-Grandma To The Prom Making For One Sweet Story

Image via Instagram/austin_dennison

Most girls look forward to the day when they’ll get to buy a gorgeous dress and get whisked away by a handsome fella to the prom, just like Cinderella to the ball. For 89-year-old Delores Dennison that dream was never fulfilled — until this year.

It was a special day for Delores when her great-grandson, Parkway High School senior Austin Dennison, called her up with a big question for his “Granny DD.”

“I asked her if she would be my prom date,” Austin told Fox News.

“How cool would it be to take my great-grandmother to prom?”

Austin said he was inspired by at teacher’s older brother, who had also taken his grandmother to prom. He wanted to treat his great-grandmother, who he knew had missed out on her own prom during the tough 1930s, to a special night that she would remember forever.

“At first she was a bit resistant,” Austin said of his grandmother’s response.

“I assured her I was serious and she finally said yes. It was my privilege to take her.”

Decades after missing her own prom, Delores enjoyed all the magical events of going to the prom: dress shopping and finding that perfect gown (even though many of them were “either too high or too low”, enjoying a delicious dinner at a favorite spot (pancakes and an omelette with leftovers from a diner), and dancing the night away.

Delores and Austin said they received a standing ovation when they arrived, and they was more than one gentleman that wanted the honor of sharing a special dance with such a special lady. In the end, the most memorable part of Delores’s night was a final surprise from her beloved great-grandson, when the notes of a classic Sinatra crooner titled, “Dolores” came on the speakers — a song that reminded her of her long lost love and special their times together.

“I chose that song because Grandpa Ed used to sing that song to her.” Austin said.

“We shared that dance. It was really sweet.”

Check out the incredibly sweet video below of Delores’s first time going to the prom: