Old Spice Creates Bizarre Ad To Announce Its Release In Brazil… Just In Time For The World Cup

If you’ve been anywhere but under a rock, you’ve seen an Old Spice commercial. It’s practically sex on a screen without the TV-MA rating—but not anymore. Perhaps in an attempt to spice things up (no pun attended) or because the people at Old Spice are really pumped for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is currently hosting, the company well known for its uber manly ads tried something new to announce the sale of Old Spice in Brazil — and it’s bizarre.

Titled “Drill to Brazil,” the commercial features its latest and loudest leading guy who literally drills through the Earth’s core to Brazil because “Old Spice wants to tell you guys you’re amazing.” Naturally, Old Spice Guy ends up misrouting his way to places like Egypt, an office and a snow cone along the way — because that’s always what happens when you travel underground.

If you think there’s more to the concept than maybe you’re catching onto, there’s not. Old Spice says you should do what you need to do to give someone a compliment in person, no matter how weird… or unrealistic.

When you have an important compliment to give,” the ad’s description box reads on Old Spice’s YouTube page, “it’s vital to turn your body into a drill and burrow through the Earth so you can deliver it in person.”

Well, OK then, Old Spice.