On-Duty Kansas City Officer Loses Dance-Off To Little Kids (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/Kansas City Police

A group of young kids must of thought they were in a bit of trouble when a squad car stopped in their east Kansas City neighborhood on Sunday. Though this wasn’t the case. Really, the only thing they were guilty of were multiple counts of “parking on the dance floor.” Rookie officer J. Krebs emerged from the vehicle and challenged them all to a dance off.

KSHB 41‘s Cynthia Newsome shines some light on how the thing went down: “It is Sunday morning in East Kansas City and Officer Krebs has been dancing around in the car all morning, so his partner, Senior Officer Smith, saw some teens dancing and she offered the teens some Jolly Ranchers to have a dance off with Officer Krebs.”

Putting everything they know about free candy and stranger danger on hold, the kids accepted the challenge and agreed to Officer Smith’s terms.

Obviously not the winner, Krebs still had good things to say about the impromptu dance competition, “When I joined the police force I told them I wanted to build rapport with the community because I feel like if we build rapport with them then they are more likely to call us when they need us.”

This isn’t the first time Kansas City’s finest were recognized for their positive interactions in the community. Earlier this year a few officers were caught on camera playing basketball with a few of the kids.