$1 Million-Dollar ARTbike

Dubbed the “Last Wizard” by pop-art icon Andy Warhol, Jack Armstrong blew away art and biking enthusiasts when he unveiled his $1 million Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson. Who says lightning can’t strike twice? Armstrong is now set to debut the most expensive ARTBike in history with the $1 million CosmicStar Cruiser ArtBike—double the previous art bike record set by Damien Hirst.

Armstrong created the bike over a six-month period after winning the cruiser during an arm wrestling match with Kelsey Fisher, another American artist. He soon undertook the project of repainting the bicycle in his “cosmic extensionalism” style of art.

Armstrong’s art is of exceptional value since, after purchasing all of his early work, he destroyed it since it did not meet the level he had set for himself. Since that time, he decided to only create 100 paintings during his lifetime and became the first artist to sell a painting for more than 1 million dollars off the mainstream gallery scene.

Armstrong’s ARTbike will be unveiled at Dec. 8 during the Canada Fest at California’s Palm Springs Convention Center. At the event, Armstrong will also unveil his final unpublished painting, titled “Future Magic.

[Image via JackArmstrongArtist]