Parody Responds To Racist Backlash From Cheerios Ad

Image via Cheerios

And the hateful spew on YouTube continues… It all started when Cheerios featured and interracial couple of their daughter in a heartwarming—and heart healthy—commercial. The backlash from bigots was so extreme the YouTube comments section had to be disabled. Viewers posted horrid comments referencing Nazis, troglodytes and racial genocide.

Now, Kenji America has fired back with a parody of the commercial. Again, an adorable biracial child approaches her Caucasian mother with questions about Cheerios. But now the daughter also asks if the appearance of their family should be an issue in 2013. From the mouths of babes, as they say…

The mother replies that Cheerios are heart healthy and that they:
“have the right to stuff our faces with whatever (they) want and with whomever (they) want, no matter what the haters say.”

Just like in the original commercial, the child scampers away with the box of Cheerios. And once again the video cuts to a scene of her African-American parent asleep on the couch, heart covered in Cheerios. But this time, the sleeping parent is another mother rather than a father.

“What? Now this is a problem?” she says to the camera, obviously referencing the same-sex relationship.

But the parody doesn’t stop there. As the video moves to a yellow screen with the words, “Eat it Haters,” in font very similar to the Cheerios logo, the second woman can be heard shouting, “Denise! Disable the YouTube comments!” referencing the hate speech targeted at the original ad.

Regardless of its obvious shot at racist bigots, the parody has received its own negative feedback from—you guessed it—viewers who are both racist and homophobic. While many of the hateful comments—such as Michael Scott’s and Rabbi Shekelgodstein’s “NIGGER”—have already been removed as spam or for too many negative votes. Deluxe04, for example, made the ignorant statement, “What do black do productive collect food stamps and welfare? Like I could bet a lot of money you’re a fag.”

But for the most part, the sentiments expressed have been positive and supportive, with viewers calling the parody “real,” “cute” and “perfect.” In fact, the haters are getting a taste of their own medicine as YouTubers astoundingly lash back at them for their bigotry.

Well played, Kenji America. Well played.