Patients Hope To Regrow Hair With ‘Vampire’ Baldness Treatment

vampire nurse

Fictional vampires have always had a full head of hair. Think about it… Dracula, Lestat, Barnabas Collins, Caleb Morley, Edward Cullen… all full heads of hair. Has there ever been a bald vampire? Very interesting…

Perhaps scientists drew from this otherwise pointless observation in developing a new treatment that promises to regrow hair on balding men by injecting blood into follicley-challenged regions. Known as the “vampire” treatment, the baldness “cure” stimulates new stem cells below the skin which then promotes hair growth. Apparently the injections are rich in platelets, a serum similar to one already used to make the face and hands look younger.

Seriously, though, are dudes so desperate to grow hair they’ll get needles stuck into their skulls? I guess it’s like they say, at what price beauty, right? But for real… women stopped binding their feet more than 100 years ago… this is totally unnecessary.

Granted, scientists at the International Hair Research Foundation, the University of Brescia in Italy and the Hebrew University Medical Centre in Israel actually tested the serum on 45 people suffering from alopecia, a condition that causes multiple bald spots on the head and body affecting about 2 percent of the population, including children. But seriously, getting injections into your skull? Get a wig people!

And of course, like many studies, it really all boils down to superficiality. Although the initial research studies the injections’ effect on patients with alopecia, scientists admit the information may be used to regrow hair for those suffering from male pattern baldness. And there’s the money shot. What do you want to bet the study was funded by some bald guy?

Still, the injections apparently work. The study involved 45 patients who received the injections on one side of their head. Some received the “vampire” blood while others were injected with a placebo. Each month three treatments were given to each patient, and hair growth was measured based on how many new hairs grew where on the bald scalp. Patients who received the blood injections were found to grow significantly more hair in their bald patches than patients receiving the placebo.

If further research continues to prove the blood injections to be a safe and effective treatment for baldness, scientists hope to develop a cream treatment to avoid the use of needles. Great… a bunch of bald dudes rubbing blood serum all over their shiny bare heads. Just what the world needs.