Peter Griffin Impersonator Shows Off His Freakin’ Awesome Skills At New York Comic Con (Video)

Robert Franzese, the aspiring actor and cosplayer also known as “the real-life Peter Griffin,” recently took a trip to New York Comic Con. Sporting his trademark green pants and white button-down shirt, the real-life cartoon man spent some time walking around in character and explaining how the popularity what started as a last-minute costume has spread “like wildfire.”

Posing for pictures and freaking people out with his eerily accurate voice, Franzese talks to BOOM! Big Pants about how lucky he is to be able to impersonate the “Family Guy” dad, saying it makes him feel like “a million bucks” to walk around Comic Con and see different peoples’ reactions to a cartoon that seems to have stepped off the screen and into the real world. (Seriously, he looks exactly like him.)