Porsche Museum to Exhibit 40-Years of Design History through February

Porsche Museum to Exhibit 40-Years of Design History through February

In 1972 Ferdinand Alexander Porsche founded the Porsche Design Studio, and until his death in April he helped create some of the world’s most innovative designs. Porsche didn’t limit himself to his namesake luxury automobiles; his masterpieces have also included watches, sunglasses, pens, furniture and even a one-of-a-kind piano.

From Nov. 13 until Feb. 17, 2013, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart will present an exhibition dedicated to all that is Porsche, celebrating 40 years of Porsche Design. The exhibit will include many of Porsche’s most celebrated designs, including curvaceous cars and the Chronograph I—the first all-black timepiece and Porsche Design’s very first product released in 1972. Other items showcased include the Porsche Design P’8478 sunglasses, which were the first modernized version of the classic aviator frame and became synonymous with wealth and style in the late 1970s. Visitors will also be able to view lesser-known designs such as the “Alternative Motorcycle Concept,” which the studio designed in 1980, and Porsche’s grand piano designed in 2003 for the Bosendorfer piano factory.

Also in honor of the studio’s 40th anniversary, a beautifully-illustrated book, “Porsche Design 40Y: The Book,” will be published, which celebrates the life and works of F.A. Porsche.

[Image via Porsche]

Samantha Lile