Reach Out And Touch Someone With Durex FundaWear

Durex may be known for its variety of exotic condoms, including tropical flavors, studded, ribbed and extra-large rubbers. But it’s about to get up close and personal with couples who want to get intimate across distances. Durex has designed a line of vibrating underwear—Fundawear—that are controlled with a special smartphone app.

According to the Fundawear promo, users can buzz their partners in desired erotic zones simply by dragging their fingers across the app diagramming the body parts they can stimulate. The app communicates remotely to wires that are harnessed into the underwear.

The possibilities for Fundawear are really endless. As depicted in the promo, the vibrating undies are ideal for a couple either dating long distance or separated temporarily due to business, family or other circumstance. Why stop with an online chat or Skype? Fundawear gives new meaning to the old adage, “Reach out and touch someone.

But Fundawear can also spice up a traditional relationship. How hot would it be to buzz your significant other while he or she is sitting in the office? Nothing says, “I love you,” like a long-distance quickie. Seriously, would you rather know he’s thinking about you with flowers, or a little zap that makes your toes curl?

Personally, I could find Fundawear extremely useful in getting my husband away from the X-Box. As long as I could get him to wear the special boxer-briefs, I could just send him a few little zaps to some designated areas if I started to feel neglected. If that doesn’t get him away from that stinkin’ game, I may as well pack it up and join a nunnery.

Fashion designer Billie Whitehouse created the pieces for Durex to look and feel like regular underwear. The men’s version consists of a black boxer brief with blue stitching around the thigh and groin. The women’s undies include a black bra and panty with purple-pink lace detail around the leg holes.

There’s no news yet on when Fundawear will go on sale to the public, but the company is offering a chance to win a set before it officially launches.