Here’s How To Start Investing In Real Estate With Just $10


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The price of everything has been skyrocketing, including real estate. Many people preach diversification of their net worth into things like stocks and real estate, but it’s hard for many to start because investing in real estate used to require a lot of money and a good amount of time to do so.

Not anymore, with Fundrise, you can start investing in real estate with as little as $10. For a limited time Fundrise will also give you $10 in shares if you sign up and invest! It’s probably worth signing up and funding your account with at least $10 just for the education of learning about real estate investing, yet alone making a return.

Real estate has traditionally been one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors — now it’s available to you.

Fundrise has 210,000 active investors, $7 billion in asset transaction value and $160 Million net dividends earned by investors (figures as of 1/6/22).

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