Real-Life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Storms Out During Interview When Asked About His Income

screen shot via YouTube/60Minutes9

He may have already spent 22 months and millions of dollars paying for his infamous swindling, but the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, couldn’t spend another second talking about the status of his income these days. Business Insider Australia reports that when interviewer Liz Hayes of Australia’s “60 Minutes” asked him about a rumored oral agreement he has with an Australian talent agency to discreetly mask his earnings, Belfort lost his cool completely.

“The last thing is that you have an oral contract with your management, the Fordham company, is that an attempt to hide your income?” Hayes asked Belfort bluntly.

That did not blow over well with the Wolf.

“I’ve said enough about this—let’s move on, since you’ve stonewalled me at every step!” Belfort is seen responding to Hayes in a teaser of the TV interview.

When Hayes persisted, Belfort made it clear that he was not having it and abruptly stormed off the set.

I’m done with this, I’m not gonna get attacked here — you’ve got a lot of nerve boy, I’ll tell you!”

Understanding full well the sensitivity of the topic, Hayes seemingly pretends to be ignorant of what was obviously a touchy subject for Belfort.

“Why can’t I ask these questions?” Hayes asked rhetorically in mock innocence.

Before Leo, Jonah and Martin were making multi-millions off the life and sins of Jordan Belfort, the real “Wolf of Wall Street” was doing it at the cost of many others — and landing himself in prison. But as the Daily Mail reports, Belfort was released after serving less than half his prison term, and US authorities are just a tad suspicious of what exactly the former Wolf of Wall Street is doing with his income these days.

There are suspicions that Belfort is spending an extended period of time in Australia to avoid paying the nearly $99 million of the original $110.4 million he was ordered to pay in restitution to the victims of his crimes—no doubt something both Belfort and Hayes were well aware prior to the interview.

Check out the dramatic video of the real Wolf of Wall Street storming off set of 60 Minutes below: