Rumor: Google May Open Retail Stores Exclusively For Google Glass

Image via Flickr/ Thomas Hawk

The last time I saw someone walking down Broadway wearing Google Glass, they were far too absorbed in exploring their new toy’s many features and nearly walked into cross-street traffic. (Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending.)

The new technology is far from perfect and still looks a little like something that only a Trekkie would be caught dead wearing. But the equipment seems here to stay, and new rumors are surfacing today about Google’s imminent plans to design and input Glass-only stores around the world.

When asked about the subject, Google refused to comment on “rumor or speculation.

But the rumor does make sense. Fellow technology moguls Apple and Microsoft have long had their own retail establishments for their individual products. And, like the Apple Genius bar where “baristas” are trained in Apple-exclusive methodology, a purely Glass-based store would allow for Glass technicians to better teach the ins and outs of the product and help promote the brand.

Google Glass has a considerable learning curve due to the unprecedented nature of the invention. It also must be highly customized. The device has to be shaped exactly to fit the individual user’s skull in order to properly see the screen, and because of bone-induction technology, Glass can’t understand commands if it fits improperly.

Whether or not Glass stores come to your town’s mall anytime soon (remember, it’s just a rumor!), prospective users can purchase the honor of developer and initial product tester, which costs a mere $1500 for the experience of a lifetime.