Sales of Bulletproof Backpacks Skyrocket After Sandy Hook Shooting

Sales of Bulletproof Backpacks Skyrocket After Sandy Hook Shooting

Image via Bullet Blocker

Image via Bullet Blocker

It’s a sad, sad day when people are suiting up their children in body armor. Of course it’s still not nearly so sad as last Friday’s shooting massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary, so I guess that’s the point. In the seven days since the disaster, sales of BulletBlocker children’s backpacks have increased exponentially.

We sell 15 to 20 backpacks in a good week,” Elmer U, BulletBlocker’s vice president of sales, told the Washington Post. “Since the shooting, we’ve sold 50 to 100 per day.”

Orders have increased so much, in fact, that BulletBlocker is now struggling to keep up with the new demand for its bulletproof backpacks.

Several other companies that sell similar products are facing the same issue. Amendment II, a body armor manufacturer in Arizona, told the Post its sales have risen more than 500 percent.

Amendment II’s backpacks sell for as low as $300, and can stop a bullet fired from a .357 Magnum. Other brands sell from $200 to $500 each.

It’s so lightweight, it only adds 10 ounces to their backpack,” Amendment II director of sales and marketing told Fox. “Would this armor have helped the kids in Connecticut? We don’t know, but any armor is better than no armor.”

Williams rejected claims his company is trying to cash in on last week’s tragedy, asserting it has been selling bulletproof products for the military and police for years and began inserting sheets into children’s backpacks a year ago.

They’re calling us murderous, hateful pieces of garbage. We’re being painted as warmongers here,” he said. “We do not want to sensationalize this any more than it already is. The fact of the matter is, in today’s world, this need exists and if we have the technology to protect people, why would we not allow them to purchase it?”

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