Samsung Creates Horrible Love Story In What Might Be The Worst Ad Of The Year (Video)

Samsung/via YouTube

Samsung made a last-minute bid for worst commercial of 2013 with its new ad for the Galaxy Note3+Gear. It starts with Jack trying to impress Aimee with his phone-watch and ends with them snuggling up with wine and music, leaving Aimee’s original date by the wayside.

Jack seems a little too sure of himself and way too presumptuous. He asks a perfect stranger for her phone number while she’s on a ski lift with another guy, he spends the day taking close-up stalker photos of her snowboarding, and I’m going to go ahead and say it wasn’t a coincidence they went to the same bar that night.

As for Aimee, if she likes the phone so much, she should just get one of her own. She doesn’t have to dump her boyfriend just to play with some new tech.

Samsung seems pleased with the final ad which, according to the video description, shows off exactly what the wrist gear can do. “The GALAXY Gear is useful during times when your hands are carrying your ski poles or snowboard.” Samsung, I don’t think this problem is as common as you think.