Take This 7-Day Savings Challenge To Fast Track The Way You Save

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Is saving money hard for you? You’re definitely not alone.

What if we told you that you could make a serious impact on your savings by taking on a 7-day savings challenge? These simple tasks range from cutting your auto insurance rates to saving money on everyday spending and more!

Even if saving money comes easy to you, there’s no harm in doubling down for a 7-day period and seeing just how much you can add to your growing nest egg.

And of course, you can tackle these savings tips across 7 days; or you can tackle them all at once if you’re feeling extra ambitious!

Day #1: Make Sure You Don’t Spend Without Getting Cash Back

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You’ve taken the initiative to save money, but does your bank also help you do that?

Savings can really add up when you effortlessly save on the things you buy every day.

Aspiration is a bank that will give you a free debit card that rewards you with up to 10% cash back on your everyday purchases.

It’ll also give you up to 1% interest on the money in your account (that could be as much as 100 times the national average).

There are no monthly maintenance fees or overdraft fees, and you can withdraw your money at any time from over 55,000 ATMs for free.

Enter your email address here, and follow the steps to set up your account in minutes. You’ll need to link a current bank account to fund it.

Day #2: Use This Company to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

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If you have any amount of credit card debt, you might assume there’s no way out. But fortunately, you’d be wrong. With a personal loan, you might be able to pay off your credit card debt entirely, saving thousands in interest as a result.

If you’re $10,000 deep in credit card debt with a 15% interest rate, you might take over 35 years to pay it off — forking out roughly $15,000 in interest!

Wipeout your debt with a personal loan that has a 5% interest rate, and you might be completely out of debt in less than four years, paying roughly $1,000 in total interest fees — that’s $14,000 saved!

And Fiona might be able to help you achieve something similar.

In two minutes, this company will give you up to 10 top lending options at a time. You’ll be able to compare interest rates and terms in one place without any impact on your credit score.

After approval, you could receive your funds as soon as the very next business day!

You can use your new personal loan money to pay off a single debt or consolidate all of your debts. You’ll enjoy one monthly payment going forward and potentially get out of debt faster!

It takes just 60 seconds to see how much money you could save.

Day #3: Give Your Family up to $1,000,000

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Have you thought ahead to how your family might be provided for after your death? If you were to pass unexpectedly, would your family have enough to pay the mortgage and bills, and to cover all of life’s expenses?

Even if you have a good amount of savings, it might not be enough.

Well, with Bestow, you could get an affordable life insurance policy that secures your family’s future.

Plans range from $50,000 – $1,000,000, and premiums start as low as just $8 a month!

By using a paperless system and by eliminating the requirement of medical exams, the company makes it so that you can get a free quote in seconds — without picking up the phone or even leaving your couch.

The company also uses non-commissioned agents, which means you’ll never have to worry about upselling or being hassled!

Day #4: Slash Your Auto Insurance Bill

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Are you paying more than you’d like for auto insurance?

Of course, you probably don’t have the time to sit on the phone with a dozen insurance companies for the next few hours, either.

Guess what? Gabi will do all of that for you — in two minutes and doesn’t charge you any fees.

Gabi will compare quotes from up to 40 providers at a time, allowing you to see the most affordable option.

Ready to start? Fill out Gabi’s short questionnaire now to check out your potential savings. The average Gabi user saves a whopping $825 on auto insurance each year!

Day #5: Get Rid Of Your Current Mortgage (If You Have One)

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You’re almost through your 7-day savings challenge, and that means it’s time to really shake things up!

Because a home is such a large investment, any change in your mortgage’s interest rate can have massive implications. Even a small decrease could potentially save you thousands each year!

That’s what happens when you refinance your mortgage. You replace your current loan with one that, ideally, has a lower interest rate and better terms.

And if you’re assuming this is difficult to pull off, it’s not. All you need is 3 minutes to be able to check new interest rates right here.

You’ll be able to see rates from up to 6 top lenders competing for your business. Everything is digital, which means it’s also quick and easy to navigate. No paperwork. No fees. Just speedy service!

To start, fill out a short questionnaire. When you’re ready to get your new loan, you can have it closed out in very little time!

Day #6: Get Deals up to 95% Off on Everyday Purchases

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When was the last time you saved 95% on a purchase?

Probably not any time recently. Yet these are the kinds of deals you can get with VOICED Market.

On the platform’s deals page, you’ll find some of the biggest savings opportunities on hot items. Then there’s the coupons page, which allows you to browse discounts across a wide range of categories, from food to entertainment and more.

And who doesn’t love a good freebie? VOICED Market’s freebies page is loaded with plenty of giveaways, free trials, and bonuses.

Subscribe to the VOICED Market newsletter to never miss a beat. You’ll get the rundown of daily deals, coupons, and freebies delivered right to your inbox!

Day #7: Boost Your Credit Score to New Heights for Free

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What better way to end your 7-day savings challenge than to check in on your credit score? Giving your score a significant boost might earn you better borrowing opportunities.

Credit Sesame could help you achieve this for free.

Credit Sesame allows you to view your most recent score at any time and will continue monitoring it for you while providing you with an understanding of what factors are driving your score.

Want to keep your credit score and identify safe? The company will also give you free identity theft protection.

Sign up with Credit Sesame to join over 8 million people who are already taking advantage of these free credit-building features and perks!

Day #8 (BONUS): Throw Yourself a Party to Celebrate Your New Savings!

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You made it!

Financial milestones should be celebrated, and 7 days of savings means it’s time to throw yourself a little party.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Decorate a cake with 7 candles to celebrate 7 days of savings
  • Go 100% electronic/online with your finances and hold a backyard bonfire
  • Have lunch or dinner out, say yes to guac, and don’t even ask if it’s extra!

Go on then! You’ve earned it.

How Much Can I Really Save in Just 7 Days?

You want the short answer, right? Potentially thousands.

By the time you combine the savings of refinancing and debt consolidation with deals on everyday spending and more, the implications could be enormous.

The best part is that none of these daily challenges require a ton of work! Some tasks may take as little as a few minutes to complete, yet they can be serious game-changers in the long run.

Turn Your 7-Day Savings Challenge into a Lifetime of Good Habits

Ready to tackle this 7-day savings challenge and see where it takes you?

Once you see how much you’re able to save, we hope you’ll be encouraged to make saving money a permanent part of your life.

Saving can be hard work, but it doesn’t always have to be. Be smart with your money, make it work harder for you, and your efforts today will pay significant dividends in the future.

Happy saving!