See The Inside Of A 747 Carrying A Shipment Of 195,000 iPhone 6 Units

Image via Twitter/MacRumors

The iPhone 6 may officially go on sale Friday, but eager Apple fans will be lining up in anticipation of the coveted new device long before. Images of the precious cargo have already begun to surface, however. A pilot released photos of Friday’s delivery as it passed through Alaska via his plane’s cargo hold on its journey from China.

I just flew 195,000 iPhone 6 & 6+ from China to US,” the pilot, under the username goforblacksky, wrote on the web forum MacRumors on Monday. “Believe me, this is not the only airplane hauling stuff. I’m guessing about 20 – 30 heavy’s a day coming out of China,” he wrote. “Another crew will take the airplane on to Chicago. It’ll be on the ground at O’hare about 9am Sept. 15.”

While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be delivered to customers beginning Friday, many will have to wait for additional shipments to arrive throughout September and through October. According to Apple, the first 4 million orders set a new 24-hour record, beating 2012’s 2 million orders for the iPhone 5. Last year’s iPhone 5s and 5c were ordered by 9 million customers in their first three days on sale.

Fortunately for those who can’t wait for the new phones, at least one pilot had their desires in mind:

I gave it a little extra gas coming over the Pacific, just to get them here a little quicker,” goforblacksky wrote of the shipment containing 195,000 iPhones, weighing 256,000 pounds. “You’re welcome.”

Another image, apparently of a 777 cargo plane loaded with 93 tons of new iPhones, surfaced on China Daily:

Hoping to snag an iPhone 6 but haven’t placed a pre-order? Better start camping out now!