Shaq Soda Set To Launch

Image via Twitter/SHAQ

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is launching his own line of beverages. The former center for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat announced the release of “Shaq Soda” on his Twitter account May 29.

According to, a beverage industry Web site, O’Neal has signed a deal with AriZona Beverages, which includes four varieties of “Soda Shaq” cream sodas, including strawberry, orange, vanilla and blueberry.

Seriously? Is there really a market for 23.5-ounce cans of cream soda bearing Shaq’s face? It’s not that Shaq can’t sell products. In the past he’s appeared on Weaties boxes,endorsed shoes, and some people actually paid to see “Kazaam.” Just something so wrong about drinking Shaq’s cream<... Plenty of other athletes have endorsed beverages. Kobe Bryant lent his name to Sprite, while Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and a host of others endorsed Gatorade. But Shaq put his face on a can of cream soda. That is so over-the-top, Shaq-like of him. And a lot of people will probably drink it. Because they’re not smart enough to realize how wrong it is. Surely Shaq had plenty of other food items he could have endorsed. Over the years athletes’ faces have appeared on tons of goodies. And they’re all lame, but people buy them. I’m actually pretty sure I remember a box of (Kurt) Warner Crunchtime sitting on a shelf in my little brother’s room at one point. There’s also been (Doug) Flutie’s Flakes, Muhammed Ali Crisp Crunch and other cereals likely inspired by the famous Weaties boxes featuring popular athletes. Candy bars have also widely featured athletes over the years, starting with (Babe) Ruth’s Home Run bar back when a candy bar cost a nickel. Reggie Jackson, Carmelo Anthony and Mario Andretti all have had candy bars named after them. Pete Rose lent his face to an energy bar. Even Shaq endorsed a candy bar, his Mr. Big bar. Wait... So first Shaq lent his name to a candy bar called Mr. Big, and now he’s got hit face plastered on cream soda? Coincidence? I’ll let you decide for yourself.