Skulpt Aim Is The World’s First Device To Measure Muscle Fitness With One Touch

Image via Indiegogo/Skulpt Aim

A new device called the Skulpt Aim wants people to think about fitness differently. It encourages people who are looking to get or stay in shape to avoid the scale and to instead focus on other fitness measurements.

Aim gives immediate feedback about specific body parts. On contact, it instantly analyzes any area of the body and gives pertinent information, helping people keep track of their fitness and goals. It also adds incentive to people looking to tone their bodies, as it can detect even slight changes and show people that they are improving.

The site explains, “Aim is an innovative device for measuring body composition and analyzing individual muscles. Simply place the device on the muscle you want to measure, and instantly get the fat percentage and overall muscle quality for that body part.”

Image via Indiegogo/Skulpt Aim

Image via Indiegogo/Skulpt Aim

These are better gauges of fitness and improvement than a scale or body mass index, which don’t differentiate between muscle weight and fat.

And all the information is stored, so users can track improvements, create goals and share their results.

The Skulpt team raised money for Aim with an Indiegogo campaign that ended Jan. 12. The campaign raised $385,000, nearly four times the goal, and anyone interested in the product can still preorder it for a discounted $149.