Snapchat Introduces Chat: Adds Text And Video Call Features

screen shot via YouTube/Snapchat

Alright, Snapchatters, it’s your lucky day. Snapchat announced earlier today that they will be rolling out a much-anticipated update that will add both texting and video call features.

The new features simply called Chat will let users finally interact with their friends beyond the temporary picture/caption that the app is so well known for. Users can swipe right on a contact’s name to open up the texting feature, and just like the pictures, messages will be cleared automatically once you leave screen. Chat will also notify two users when they are both “Here” by turning the chat button from yellow to blue so they can share live video; just press down and hold to start chatting face-to-face.

Snapchat’s last update, Stories, allowed users to build a narrative-like story with multiple pictures. Until now, though, the company says they still had something more to add to make the Snapchat user’s experience really dynamic.

“We felt that Snapchat was missing an important part of conversation: presence,” Team Snapchat stated on their blog.

“There’s nothing like knowing you have the full attention of your friend while chatting.”

Look for the update now in PlayStore and App Store. Check out Snapchat’s new video below highlighting the new Chat feature: