Sober Milwaukee Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving After Cop T-Bones Her Car

screen shot via KTLA 5

If your worst nightmare is being pulled over on suspicion for drunk driving even when you’re stone-cold sober, imagine being arrested and hospitalized at the same time.

That’s what happened to 25-year-old Tanya Weyker one late night last February when a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned her car in a violent accident.

Wekyer sustained serious injuries, including a fractured neck that was broken in four different places, reports KTLA 5. When asked about a hint of alcohol on her breath and why her speech was slurred and eyes red and glassy, Weyker says that she was completely honest to officials and rescue workers.

“One asked if I had anything to drink that night,” Weyker said. And I told them a few sips from a friend’s drink. I explained to him my eyes were red and glassy because I was crying.

She continued to explain that she had been prescribed Vicodin for pain after getting her wisdom teeth removed, but it had been more than a week since she had taken any. With nothing to hide and someone else clearly at fault, Weyker should have been a free woman, but what ensued after the accident became a growing nightmare. Unable to perform a field sobriety test due to her injuries, she Weyker had just as little proof that she wasn’t drunk as officials did to prove that she wasn’t, and she was arrested for five separate charges, including drunk driving causing injury. Prior to the incident, Weyker had a spotless

“They made me into this criminal,” she said of the event. “It was a miracle I wasn’t paralyzed.”

The deputy involved in the wreck, Deputy Joseph Quiles wrote in his official report that he came to a full stop at the stop sign, looked both ways, and then pulled out. He also reportedly told the police that he never saw any headlights, even though Weyker’s Camry lights had come on automatically. Still, the case continued.

Reports say that about a month after the incident, test results proved that Weyker didn’t have any alcohol in her system; a couple months after that, drug tests also came back negative. It wasn’t until a full 10 months after the crash that a video surfaced, proving Weyker’s story 100 percent true and pinning the fault on Deputy Quiles.

Quiles was officially suspended for nine days for violating traffic laws and damaging County equipment, but reports indicate that he was never disciplined for the false police report, even though he had a disciplinary history of filing reports written by someone else. He has not worked since the crash, has used up all his injury pay, and has filed for permanent duty disability for injuries he apparently suffered in the incident. His application is still pending before the County’s Employee Retirement System.

Weyker, on the other hand, has filed a complaint against the deputy who arrested her and is waiting for the County to pay for the extensive medical bills that have since piled up.

Here’s a look at the video from that fateful night in February that just didn’t surface quickly enough to prevent one sober woman’s year in hell.