Spanish Police Arrest Two Men For A Bad Ham And Cheese Sandwich… It Was Stuffed With Coke

Image via Twitter/Policía Nacional

Some people just don’t appreciate the classic simplicity of a ham and cheese sandwich these days. Spanish police arrested two Colombian nationals yesterday at a bus station in the coastal town of Benidorm for just that reason. Of course —  these men’s ham and cheese was reportedly stuffed with about 100 grams of cocaine wrapped up neatly in about nine capsules.

Shortly after the arrest, police reportedly found another kilo (a little over two pounds) of cocaine in one of the men’s homes along with some marijuana and tools to handle the drugs.

In either trying to send out a message or having a sense of humor about the whole thing, the Spanish police Tweeted out a photo of the coke-stuffed sammy from their official Twitter account yesterday.


The caption translates to “2 cocaine traffickers arrested in Benidorm bus station. Passed 100 gr. d drug hidden in sandwiches”

The Independent reports that these arrests come shortly after the Spanish border police found 2,500 kilos of cocaine stuffed in pineapples that had travelled from Costa Rica to the Algeciras port on Wednesday.