Spice Up Your Sex Life With Sex Cereal

Image via Sex Cereal

Walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery store and you’ll find a lot of different options. Sure there’s the traditional sugary versions to give you a morning pick-me-up, the healthy types that aid in digestion, maintain blood sugar or are even touted to prevent cancer. But what’s missing are cereals that boost your libido. Have you ever even thought of eating cereal that will help your sex drive? Canadian entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich did one day while he was browsing a vegan food fair.

Sexual health is so important,” Ehrlich told the Toronto Sun. “I wanted to create something sexy and fun in the health food industry because nothing is. Everything is very serious.”

So Ehrlich went about investigating what ingredients might help both men’s and women’s sex drives, and they turned out to be very different from one another. So he created two types of Sex Cereal, now on sale in Canada health food stores and boosted by an investment from Canadian restauranteur Jim Treliving on “Dragon’s Den,” Canada’s version of “Shark Tank.”

The guy’s cereal, which features a smiling model holding up a rather phallic-looking spoon on the packaging, includes unique ingredients such as bee pollen, black sesame, wheat germ, camu camu, maca, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, cacao nibs and oats. The ladies Sex Cereal, on the other hand, features ginger, cacao nibs, sunflower, chia seeds, almonds, flax seeds, oat bran, maca and oats—and a smiling blond on the package.

Initially we had some pin-up girl positions that were a little more racy, but we dialed it back a bit because of the legitimacy of the product,” Kaiser told the Sun. “We didn’t want it to look like a gag gift. It’s about trying to get the attention without being like a novelty.”

The packages are still fun, though, as both feature an exotic woman charming a snake on the back. Because that’s not a mnemonic device or anything.

Now don’t expect to get some four-hour chub within 20 minutes. Ehrlich says the cereal is no Viagra. Instead, it aids “long-term sexual health” by supporting testosterone and energy levels in men and hormonal balance and desire in the mind for women. But isn’t that better anyway? I mean, no matter what she says, ladies don’t enjoy fake woodies as much as the real thing, and four hours is waaay too long to wait while you use her to get over your medically-induced boner.

The cereal isn’t cheap, costing about $13 a bag, but Ehrlich told the Sun it’s worth every penny.

The ingredients are quite rare,” he said. “I wasn’t creating a cereal for the sake of shock value. I know scientifically it had to be the real thing, but the real thing is expensive.”

Even though Sex Cereal is only available at Canadian Stores, you can also get it online a little cheaper—about $10 a bag for two-, three-, six- and 12-packs.