Stop Saying ‘Tomorrow:’ 5 Ways To Creating A More Reliable You

Image via Unsplash/Stefan Kunze

Admit it, we’ve all been there. “I’ll start on Monday,” we say, and then Monday rolls around and we still shove that piece of cake down our throat, or show up to work 30 minutes late. Breaking bad habits is no easy task. The mentality that we can totally just kill the last of the ten beers in the fridge, and stop binge drinking on Monday is one that almost every person has. However, why should we start fresh on Monday when we can throw the cake in the garbage, and stop hitting snooze five times before actually getting up-today. Stop lying to yourself, and start creating a more reliable you.

1. Set a goal.

Not just a random wide-ranging goal. You need a specific and measurable goal. Stop saying, “I want to be fit.” Where is that going to get you? Everyone wants to be fit. But what does ‘being fit’ mean to you? Do you want to lose 20 pounds, run a marathon, or learn to weight lift? The more specific your goal is, the more attainable, and the more reliable you will be.

2. Tell friends, family, co-workers, significant others, etc., about your new goal.

Telling the people closest to you about the new change you’re trying to make will help you to keep on track. If they see you straying away from your goal, they will be the first ones to say something and get you back on the path to success.

3. Stay positive about your goal.

If your goal is to be on time to work every morning, and you oversleep one time in the five days you’ve been working on this new change, do NOT give up. It was one day, one mess-up, and you’ll do better tomorrow! You’re going to have bumps in the road to success, but throwing in the towel after the first bump will only set you back. Try and try again.

4. Write down in a journal or on your phone what you’re feeling each day.

Throughout this journey to a more reliable you, you’ll notice some significant physical and mental changes. When you look back at day one vs day thirty, you’ll see how far you’ve come — and you won’t want to stop there.

5. Reward yourself for ending your bad habits.

You made it seven days with clean eating? Go buy yourself some new gym clothes or get a pedicure (keep the reward positive, don’t go binge drinking a 6 pack!). It’s important to realize the progress you’re making, be proud of yourself, and then reward yourself for that success.

Wanting to make a change is the first step to success. However, following through is the most difficult part. Throw your fears, doubts, and excuses aside. Stop the pity party you’ve been throwing for yourself, and start creating a more reliable you.