If You Have A Student Loan, Try This Before Before It’s Too Late


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The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. For the economy, it led the government to cut interest rates and print a lot of money. For student loan borrowers, it meant they could put their student loan bills on hold. However, come May 1, 2022 that will no longer be the case and student loan payments will resume.

But with interest rates still around historic lows, there still might be an opportunity (while it lasts, since interest rates are set to go up soon) for all student loan borrowers to lower their monthly payments by doing a student loan refinance. What refinancing your student loan means is replacing your current loan or loans with one new loan at hopefully a much lower interest rate. This will reduce how much money you end up paying and lower your monthly payment.

You can check your refinance rate right now in 2 minutes with Credible and it won’t affect your credit score. Credible will show you multiple refinance rates from top companies so you can choose what’s right for you. That’s not all because if you end up refinance through this link here you’ll get a $300 gift card as a welcome bonus as an extra cherry on top!

Try it now before it’s too late!