Study: Men Wash Their Faces Only Six Times A Week

Study: Men Wash Their Faces Only Six Times A Week


A third of women may rate a man’s face as his best physical feature, but men certainly aren’t concerned about maintaining their mugs. A new study—performed by Dove Men—the average UK man washes his face just six times a week, and 18 percent of men spend less than five minutes a week on facial care.

More men are interested in grooming their bodies, spending an average of 2 hours, 56 minutes per week on their physiques—even though only 4 percent of women said they prefer a man’s abs.

And even though men only spend $3.91 a week on facial-care products—a fifth of what women spend—83 percent of them complain of skin discomforts such as razor burn, dry and sensitive skin—all of which makes them feel unattractive.

Instead, men are more concerned with gaining weight. While only 32 percent of men surveyed said they are at all bothered by their faces, 42 percent are worried they will become overweight. Another concern is hair loss—26 percent said they worry they will go bald.

Men clearly value the importance of looking good, but seem to neglect the area they show off most and which women find most appealing,” a spokesman for Dove Men Care, said.

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