Summon Your Own Private Jet With This App

Image via BlackJet

First BlackJet revolutionized charter flight service by allowing customers to share private jets. For the past several months, the Web-based service has connected passengers with empty seats on private jets. As previously reported by WallStreetInsanity, BlackJet doesn’t own any of the jets it books. It works with a variety of charter jet services and helps travelers fill seats on flights between particular cities. Passengers are asked to provide BlackJet at least two days’ notice of when they wish to fly, and the company charters a plane for groups of passengers interested in the same trip.

Now BlackJet has announced its new iOS app available in the iTunes App store. Members can now book a seat on a private jet within seconds from their smartphones. The company has also expanded the list of cities to which it supports flights. Customers can use BlackJet to book flights between San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles as well as southern Florida; and Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Dallas and Seattle will be added to the roster soon.

Image via Blackjet/iTunes

Image via Blackjet/iTunes

BlackJet reservations are still available to members only, for a $2,500 annual fee. While an invitation is generally required, the public can obtain membership for a limited time by using the code BLACKJETIPHONE5000 and paying the membership fee, which guarantees benefits such as seat availability and non-stop flights.

Members are able to charter flights at particularly reasonable rates. A BlackJet-booked cross-country flight for $3,500 compares to a first-class ticket from LAX to JFK for about $3,600. By comparison, booking an entire charter flight would set a customer back about $25,000 for the same trip. A shorter flight with BlackJet—Las Vegas to Los Angeles, for example—will cost $950.

The air travel industry has long needed modernization and BlackJet is using cutting edge technology that makes booking seats on private jets easier than airline seats,” BlackJet CEO Dean Rotchin said in a press release. “The private jet travel experience is perfect for serious travelers who need to avoid delays, cancellations, and the overall hassle factor associated with the major airports. We have already delivered over 3,000 private jet seats, and booking becomes much easier with the iPhone app.