Take a Look At New York During The 1939 World’s Fair (Video)

1939 new york

Famous for its  Westinghouse Time Capsule, futuristic car-based city and displays of early televisions, the 1939 World’s Fair held in New York City was the second-largest American world’s fair of all time. Not only was it marked by a variety of themed “zones,” including transportation, communications and business systems, as well as government, but the fair also occurred in a very different NYC than exists today.

In 1939, the air was polluted with a lot more smog, elevated trains boomed through Midtown, and young boys danced amidst the city’s fountains. If nothing else, 1939 was a less-expensive time in the city: Five pounds of potatoes could be purchased from a street vendor for just 10 cents. Traffic actually moved… somewhat.

City life during the 1939 World’s Fair was captured at the time by a French tourist, and archivist Vincent Romano has now put it together in a video available on YouTube. Published just 10 days ago, almost 900,000 users have already viewed the footage.