Tesco Mobile Has The Sassiest Twitter Handle Right Now

Image via Twitter/tescomobile

Generally, companies have a strict social media protocol that limits what it says to some mildly engaging corporate riff-raff. The definition of the term “engaging customers” varies from company to company, but some businesses—like Tesco Mobile—take it to the next level. And while many companies will claim it doesn’t just treat its customers like customers, Tesco certainly does treat its customers like a good friend—or an enemy, depending on what you say.

Not only are Tesco Mobile’s tweets engaging, its tweets are also funny, clever, and relatable.

Here are some exchanges the sassy company has had:

This guy tweeted this:

Tesco’s response was this:

And then this:

Sure you did.

But besides that little exchange, Tesco just keeps on going.

What we enjoy most is how quick Tesco Mobile is to defend itself.

And someone’s a fan now: