Tesla Model S Purchased With Bitcoin

Image via Robert Gubbins/Shutterstock

One of Tesla Motors customers has purchased one of their vehicles using Bitcoin as currency. According to Newport Lamborghini’s company blog, the Model S was paid for with Bitcoin and the news is spreading like wildfire.

The blog post is titled “We just sold our very first vehicle with Bitcoin as legal tender!” It goes on to read, “Lamborghini Newport Beach is proud to announce that we are fully capable of accepting Bitcoin as legal tender for vehicles. We are excited to be opening the door to this new currency.”

The car dealership is not the first company to accept Bitcoin, nor will it be the last. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic also accepts the virtual currency. Branson’s company specializes in civilian space travel and was one of the first major companies to embrace the new currency.

In other news for Bitcoin, the price of the virtual currency took a 30 percent dive this morning. The prices fell from a high water mark of $1,240 to just $870, following a warning from the People’s Bank of China. The bank said that electronic currency carried a high risk factor, according to the AP. The bank also said that financial institutions should not recognize Bitcoin as tender.

Bitcoin has become wildly popular in the last few years, as was illustrated when the government shut down Silk Road, a website which accepted Bitcoin in return for illegal drugs. Since then however, it has become recognized as being tender for legitimate transactions, rather than for more unethical activities.

With the popularity of the electronic currency, it won’t be long before we see thieves in action movies using electronic transactions involving Bitcoin, rather than transferring millions of dollars to offshore bank accounts. Until then, perhaps being used to purchase a Tesla Model S should be enough of a leap towards the future to satisfy fans of the electronic currency.