The 5 Videos From YouTube Comedy Week You Need To Watch So Far

Image via YouTube

YouTube is having its first ever Comedy Week, an all-week special that kicked off May 19 and will run through May 25. All sorts of comics, celebrity stars and your favorite YouTube channels work together to make funny videos. Each day there will be new content ranging from parody videos to stand up specials. Here are some of the highlights so far:

Long-time stand-up comic, vocal performance artist, and all-around entertainer Reggie Watts starts the list off with a throwback to one of the most viral YouTube videos ever. After initially fooling you with soaring violins and shots of mountains, the cheesy ’80s track kicks in as Watts sings and dances along perfectly to a remake of Rick Astley’s one-hit wonder. If you want to see just how talented Watts is, watch one of his breakout videos here.

Known for the auto-tuned classic Bed Intruder Song, The Gregory Brothers give us another song for YouTube Comedy Week. Since it is YouTube’s eighth birthday, the group is asked to recap the history of the company. A worker returns from an eight-year vacation and after being introduced to YouTube for the first time, breaks out into song recounting all the popular viral videos over the years. With their trademark wit and harmonies, the group makes the apt point of wondering how we lived life before YouTube. If you enjoyed this video, watch the Gregory Brothers take on the news in this popular clip.

Improv Everywhere’s contribution to the week of laughs is a late-night talk show that takes place on a New York City late night subway car. After the initial shock, most New Yorkers default to taking out their smartphones and recording the entire thing. “Guests,” aka locals on the subway car, talk to the host about how much they hate the F line, how far they came from work and other various NYC-only complaints. It’s certainly not the best Improv Everywhere video, but it’s still charming and comical by itself.

The SNL trio is back again to talk about the joys of being married and having kids. Sitting on stacks of cash, rapping in the office and fantasizing about where they’re going to be married, The Lonely Island has once again shown themselves to be the master of parody, juxtaposing the extravagant lives of rap stars with the average life of the common man. The only problem is that they should have brought in T-Pain to sing the hook.

Sarah Silverman is not fucking Matt Damon in this video, but she is staying in and rapping along with Mocking the top 40 sound with lyrics like “Tonight is the night I’m gonna celebrate/Stay at home or in watch a movie then masturbate,” Perfect Night is a clever take on what many do instead of heading out to the club, set to club music. This video was featured on the Jash comedy channel, which promises videos from Michael Cera as well as Tim & Eric, so be sure to watch out for those, as well.