The Awkwardness Of Puberty Is Perfectly Captured By This Hilarious Tampon Ad (Video)

This hilarious ad takes that awkward time in every girl’s life and makes it into one great ad. HelloFlo has created a monthly subscription service to appeal to just about everyone’s “needs.” From makeup and snacks to razors and socks — you can feed your every whim and addiction. So why did it take someone so long to tap into the one gold mine that is a girl’s “time of the month?”

Guy or girl, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s a hellish 12 times every year that the claws come out — along with the irrational tears and limitless chocolate bars. One company, HelloFlo, has finally come to the rescue. With monthly care packages that arrive on your doorstep and two resident experts working under the alias Dr. Flo ready to answer all your problems, periods are about to get a lot easier… for EVERYONE.

The packages, which start at $29.95, arrive 3-5 days before your next period and are even customized for the girl just starting her period or the woman finishing hers; they’ll even send you a camp kit! Who knows, periods could actually be kinda fun, even?

No, that’s pushing it. Just hand over the candy and tampons.