The First Dog To Wingsuit BASE Jump Looks… Chill? (Video)

Though your first reaction may be to cry “ANIMAL CRUELTY,” on second inspection, this canine looks like he’s having a fine, old time flying through the air at super human (super dog?) speeds. This is perhaps because he’s with his owner, pro rock climber, high-liner, and BASE jumper Dean Potter.

The dog, Whisper, got the unique opportunity to wingsuit BASE jump from the Eiger, a 13,020 foot mountain in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps. With Whisper as the first canine to accomplish such a stunning feat, we humans are left with one question: Did this dog have any idea what in the world he was getting himself into when Potter started suiting him up?

The debate on whether this was cruel or, well, not continues on the Internet, as people cite the danger of BASE jumping even for experienced humans. However, with Potter’s aptitude at high-risk activities, it’s safe to say that he didn’t mean his dog any harm.