The ‘Flyboard’ Is The Water Powered Hoverboard You Never Knew You Wanted Until Now (Video)

So there’s no such thing as an actual hoverboard, but someone has definitely come pretty close to it. Hoverboard by Zapata Racing is the newest water sports toy to hit the market, and the company says it’s perfect for “surf lovers who want to experience a new way of surfing.” Using what looks like a pressurized water hose, riders can catch some waves or even ride high above them on this futuristic surfboard that looks like it’s straight from the movies.

The company behind the Flyboard announced on its website that the Hoverboard would be available worldwide this month. The price is unclear, Zapata Racing has a list of distributors where you may be able to pick up one of these cool, “flying” boards for your water adventures this summer.

The Hoverboard isn’t kid’s stuff, though. Operators must be at least 16 years old, and must participate in at least one hour of training before their first flight, which can thankfully take place in any ocean, lake or pond that’s minimum of four meters deep.