‘The New Rules’ For Women Dating In the Digital Age

‘The New Rules’ For Women Dating In the Digital Age


According to the best-selling 90s dating bible “The Rules,” a woman should never make the first move. A lot may have changed in the years since, with the advent of online dating and social networking, but that particular rule remains the same, according to an updated version of the guide, the just-published “The New Rules: Dating Dos and Don'ts for the Digital Generation.

Today’s women tend to disagree, however. A survey conducted by dating Web site MySingleFriend found 79 percent of women are more than happy to initiate contact with a potential partner, taking on the philosophy of “why wait?” But the ladies surveyed didn’t totally disagree with the book’s philosophy of playing hard to get—71 percent agree with “The New Rules” authors’ position they should wait at least 30 minutes before replying to a potential date’s text message. Ten percent would even let a man wait as long as four hours before sending a reply.

People have been dating from the Dark Ages to the digital age, but the host of technologies available today has massively changed the game, causing a load of new fascinating dating behaviors,” said founder of MySingleFriend Sarah Beeny.

Some of the “new rules” for dating in the technology age include:
• Don’t answer a text after midnight—it teaches men respect and boundaries.
• Never send a friend request to a man you like.
• Online dating is a must—as long as first contact isn’t initiated.
• Keep emails brief and never email first.
• Never write angry texts, emails, posts or tweets in retaliation. It’s much better to unfriend, unfollow, block or delete.

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Samantha Lile