The Simpsons’ Springfield Brought To Life At Universal

Image via Universal Orlando

For eons, Simpsons’ fans have debated the location of the animated Springfield. After all, there are 53 Springfields in the United States. So how can devotees possibly know to which town they can make their pilgrimages? Finally, there is a definitive setting at which to find Mo’s Tavern, the Lard Lad donut shop and the famous statue of Jebediah Springfield. And it’s not in Kentucky, Missouri or any of the other front-runners. Fans can soon immerse themselves in the world of America’s favorite dysfunctional family in Orlando, Fla.

Last week, Universal Studios announced the upcoming opening of “The Simpsonstheme park-within-a-theme park, featuring the popular hangouts of Bart, Homer and the gang. The park will actually be an expansion of the existing Simpsons Ride that opened at Universal Studios in 2008.

This will be a must-see experience for Simpsons fans all over the world,” Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative said in a release. “For the first time ever, they’re going to be able to enter a world that they’ve only seen on television – and we’re really excited to bring that world to life.

While the Simpsons Ride will continue as the centerpiece of the themed area, a new “intergalactic” spinning rid, the Kang & Kodos Twirl ‘n’ Hurl is also in the works. According to a press release, the expansive new area will be the only place in the world fans can literally walk the streets of Springfield. Visitors will have the opportunity to feast on a genuine Krusty Burger, a slice of Luigi’s Pizza or finer fare from the Frying Dutchman. Mel’s Tavern will even offer Duff Beer, brewed exclusively for Universal Orlando.

This new expansion will broaden and deepen the already incredible experience at Universal, by bringing to life the iconic landmarks of Springfield that fans have grown to love,” said Jeffrey Godsick, President, Fox Consumer Products. “Fans will literally be able to live and breathe Springfield as they visit the statue of Jebediah, enjoy a Krusty Burger, and have a seat at Moe’s Tavern, which are just a few of the great experiences awaiting at Universal.