The World’s Most Expensive Cocktail

Concocted by Australian bartender Joel Heffernan, the “Winston” may be the world’s most expensive drink ever made.

The bartender plans to show the drink to an official from Guinness World Records, certain that its $13,000 price tag makes it the most extravagant cocktail on the planet.

So why is the Winston so pricey? Well for one, it’s made with Croizet, a cognac that will set you back nearly $6,200 per shot. It’s also presented with sugar vines crafted by a gourmet pastry chef, garnished with chocolate nutmeg dust, and essence of poppy seed and roses. The sugar vines take nearly 16 hours to craft and require that a customer order the cocktail two days in advance.

The cocktail was aptly named after a drink, 1858 Croize, that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and commander General Dwight Eisenhower shared the night before D-Day in 1944.

Here’s a video made available by the Australian newspaper The Age:

Heffernan said, “It’s certainly an honor… The previous record holder is one of the world’s most famous bartenders. To be regarded in the same ilk as someone like that is incredible.

Salvatore Calabrese, the previous record holder, created a libation that cost roughly $8,800 which was made with 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, 1770 Kummel Liqueur, 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao, and two dashes of Angostura bitters from the 1900s.