The World’s Thinnest Watch

Image via Kickstarter/Central Standard Timing

They say a good watch is the mark of a gentleman, and while that’s true, an elegant watch is more of a status symbol these days. Watches are never going to go out of style, and Rolex will always be fashionable, but Kickstarter’s recent craze deals less with style and more with innovation.

With less than a millimeter of flexible steel, the CST-01 is the world’s thinnest watch. And at 12 grams, it’s also the lightest.

The name isn’t so cool, but I suppose I can forgive that.

“All aspects of design and engineering were carefully considered for the CST-01’s unique functional and aesthetic benefits,” Dave Vondle, the main brain behind the CST-01, said in a press release.

Vondle initially got the idea for the CST-01 when he taped an e-ink display to his wrist. Realizing that e-ink displays require very little power, Vondle set about designing the watch.

The device does, of course, come with a few caveats. First, in order to save weight and to make the device as sleek as possible, there are no knobs or buttons on the CST-01. Users can change the time by plugging in the device using its micro USB port.

Most obviously, the device is not particularly… shall we say, flashy. It’s going to turn some heads mostly because it’s thin and very modern looking, not because it has a classic look like a Rolex.

Still, these drawbacks are more than made up for by the insanely long battery life and flexible steel. Vondle claims the device can charge in 10 minutes and will last as long as 15 years on a single charge. Now if only they could get smartphones to last that long.

The flexibility of the device must be seen to be believed. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of just how flexible the CST-01 is:

While it may not have the style and class of a premium watch, the CST-01 does come in four designs: black, white, black coated and rose coated.

Vondle and Co.’s initial Kickstarter goal was $200,000, but the company underestimated the demand for this product. Backers ultimately pledged more than $1 million for the CST-01 before the campaign ended in February.

You can view and pre-order the watch at the CST-01 Web site, and initial shipments will be sent to Kickstarter supporters in September.