These Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism, And It’s Awesome (Video)

Which is more offensive: A little girl saying “fuck” or the sexism that still exists in today’s society? The girls of this video address that by dressing up in princess outfits and then dropping the f-bomb all over the place. The girls, all of whom are between the ages of 6 and 13, skewer the pretty princess stereotype while commenting on words that people should find more offensive than “fuck,” such as “pay inequality,” “rape” and “violence,” pointing out that the pay gap between men and women still exists and that approximately one in five women are the victims of sexual assault.

While it may be shocking to hear little girls say things like, “Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to fucking rape,” the point of the video is exactly that — to shock people into thinking about what they really consider shocking and why.

For each $15 shirt that is sold from this campaign (created by FCKH8), $5 goes to a charity dedicated to empowering women and girls. FCKH8 isn’t only about sexism, though; it’s also anti-racism and pro-LGBTQA. The for-profit T-shirt company is on a mission for social change, using each shirt as a “mini billboard” to spread activism against hatred of all kinds.