This ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Hilariously Wrong (Video)

Ah, the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Surely you’ve noticed how your Facebook feed is suddenly nothing but videos of your friends and family awkwardly talking into the camera before dumping a bucket of cold water on their heads. One by one, people are taking a bucket of icy water to the dome so they can get out of having to pay $100 to ALS research.

Not everyone’s enjoying it, though. Some complain that the trend is only spreading because people just want to show how charitable they are or muck around on camera for their friends. But the numbers are in, and apparently it’s working. In less than a month it has raised $15.6 million and wrangled over 300,000 new donors.

However, every great movement has its casualties.

Watch what happens when a gang of — dare I say it — nerds takes the ice bucket challenge. The poor guy tries so hard to lift the bucket of water over his head and just can’t do it. It appears that he lacks the shoulder strength. We should really consider slipping weights into toy light sabers just so these guys can get some kind of workout.

Either donate $10 and take the cold water, or donate $100 and stay dry.