This App Will Give You $10 Just For Trying It, And Reward You Every Time You Shop

This App Will Give You $10 Just For Trying It, And Reward You Every Time You Shop

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The days of cutting coupons and fumbling through them at the checkout line are long gone – there are loyalty cards and email memberships for all sorts of places now. But who has time to click through all of those emails, yet alone actively seek out offers from a billion different companies? Lucky for us, the days of online coupon-cutting are over, too, thanks to the free app Ibotta.

Ibotta is a simple and easy app that legitimately pays you $10 cash just for signing up through Wall Street Insanity, so sign up using this link ASAP, using our promo code WSI. Just make sure to redeem a rebate right away (within 14 days) or you’ll lose your free $10.

If tossing free money your way just for signing up and using Ibotta sounds a little strange to you, take it as a friendly introduction … because there’s more where that came from.

Ibotta’s motto is “Life rewarded,” and this app rewards you for the most basic life expenses. If you buy things, at all, chances are Ibotta has a reward for that. With Ibotta, the free money doesn’t end with the initial $10 welcome bonus. Ibotta is an app designed to pay you cash. All you have to do is shop where you’ve already been shopping. I have three words for you: cash back offers. AKA, rebates. Ibotta is the coupon-cutter’s dream, a huge and user-friendly rebate database with cash back offers just waiting to find their way to you. Every week, Ibotta posts hundreds of new offers, including a $1.00 rebate every single time you take an Uber ride.

Did we mention it’s simple and easy? But really. Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up online.

Make sure you use our promo code, WSI.

2. You pick out your favorite stores and apps.

Ibotta makes this quick and easy, and collects them all for you on the featured screen so then you can …

3. Find rebates.

Ibotta digs up cash back offers from companies across all categories, from grocery stores and pharmacies to restaurants and bars to clothing stores to tech stores. It’s also got a long list of rebates for alcohol purchases if you’re a regular imbiber.



Like shopping online? Ibotta’s got that covered, too.

Whereas a lot of apps of this type can be disappointing when you see the savings are on products or services you don’t even use, with Ibotta, it’s almost difficult to find something you buy not covered by the app.



You can also search by your location to find rebates that actually apply to purchases made in stores near you.

After you’ve picked out the places where you frequently shop,

4. Click to add rebates on products you plan to buy.

From time to time, there’s a survey question, fun fact about the product, or 15-second video to unlock the rebate, but it’s a pretty painless and quick process when you remember that you’re basically getting paid to save money.

5. Buy stuff.

Go grocery shopping. Go to the bar. Buy some new clothes. You know, buy the things you’re already planning to buy anyway. But this time,

6. Keep the receipt and take a photo of it.

Ibotta scans your receipt, matches it to the rebates you clicked before shopping, and sends you cash back rewards. You’ll get your cash back within 48 hours.

If you already have a loyalty card with a company, Ibotta will link to that account, and you won’t even have to take that pesky extra step of taking a photo. Ibotta will automatically log your receipts, scan them for the rebates you entered, and deposit your cash back earnings for you.

And now for the fun part…

7. Get that cash.

Ibotta drops $10 into your account after you redeem your first rebate, just like that. Ibotta is essentially giving you free money, as long as you use a rebate within 14 days of getting the app.

As soon as you’ve earned your first $20, you can transfer your Ibotta earnings to a PayPal or Venmo account. You can also convert your savings into a gift card if you’ve got a go-to place you know you’ll spend the cash anyway.

Sign up now, and remember to enter the Wall Street Insanity promo code: WSI.

Saving money is awesome. Getting paid to save money? Even better.