This Awesome Father Built A Batpod Motorcycle For His Kids (Video)

This father can pick up the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug on his desk at work and admire it whenever he damn well wants to. Why? Because YouTube user eE48v pretty much just gave his kids the best gift ever. This mad scientist created an electric-powered bike that looks similar to the one the Caped Crusader tooled around on in Gotham.

The YouTube description reads,

An experimental Batpod inspired vehicle with Alltrax AXE 4844 controller running Mars ME0709 electric motor. This is designed and built specially for my two 10 and 12 year old kids. Battery pack consists of 4 lead-acid car batteries giving maximum of 50 volts and top speed is set to around 60km/h (37mph).


The rattling noise comes from the front sprocket as it is very small. I am considering to replace the chain with a belt drive to make it completely silent.”