This Company Uses ‘Social Proof’ To Help Grow Your Business


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Everyone knows what marketing is – in short, it’s the fancy way that companies try to win over your business. But there’s more to marketing than clever slogans and fancy logos. There’s actually a science behind it, and being aware of that science is a great way for business owners to expand their client base and boost revenue. But don’t worry – you don’t have to pull out any textbooks, because a company called ProveSource has done the research for you.

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What is ProveSource?

Before we dive into that, you need to understand a psychological concept called “social proof.” While you might not have heard the term before, you have most definitely observed – and even taken part – in it.

Social proof means that people are more likely to do something when someone else has already done it. For example, if you’re considering booking a hotel online, you probably want to see that other people have stayed there and left good reviews. This minimizes your risk and provides you with a feeling of security.

That concept is true in almost every aspect of life, from fashion choices to automobile purchases. No matter the subject, humans tend to act more like flocks of sheep than independent decision makers.

What does ProveSource actually do?

ProveSource has found a way to use social proof to help businesses like yours grow their network of customers and ultimately boost their bottom line.

This is done by providing relevant alerts to your website’s visitors. Those alerts show them that others are already enjoying what your business has to offer. For example, if you run an online store, you can let visitors know how many other people have bought an item they’re interested in. If you’re looking for people to subscribe to your site, you can let visitors see when someone else signs up.

The idea is that when people see those alerts, they’ll be more likely to act because they’ll see that others have already taken the plunge. Think of it as visitor activities being automatically turned into visitor testimonials.

While those are common examples of how ProveSource’s clients often use the service, the possibilities span much wider because you can customize ProveSource to fit the exact needs of your business.


Why should you use it?

First of all, ProveSource is based on solid psychological fact. The concept of social proof has been studied extensively by academics, so there’s enough evidence out there to show that ProveSource is built on a solid foundation.

Then there are the benefits you can expect to receive by using ProveSource, such as boosting conversions, making more sales, and increasing revenue. Your business will also earn credibility and trust from customers, and gain an edge over the competition. The best part is that once ProveSource is set up, it does all the work for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

How do you get started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier, because ProveSource can be set up in minutes. Once you’ve installed it in six easy steps, you’ll be able to take advantage of its easy-to-use dashboard and the ability to customize ProveSource to fit your needs. You can decide when, where, and how your customers see notifications.

There are three package choices to choose from:

Starter: 10k Monthly Unique Visitors, Standard Support

Growth: 50k Monthly Unique Visitors, Priority Support

Monster: 200k Monthly Unique Visitors, Monster Support

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