This DJ Created An Awesome iPhone Ringtone Remix You’ll Want To Download Right Now (Video)

One DJ has done the Apple community a huge favor by remixing the classic iPhone ringtone that we all know so very well—and it’s brilliant.

California-based music producer Adi “MetroGnome” posted the iPhone (MetroGnome Remix) on Tuesday, and it has been more than hugely popular. The DJ, who offers downloads for all of his mixes free of charge, took to his Facebook fan page to express his shock and gratitude after the huge number of fans flocking to his site crashed the site.

“WOW! You guys are crazy!!” Adi MetroGnome posted on his Facebook fan page.

Thank you so much. Website just crashed. All thanks to the crazy traffic and 22,000 downloads in one day.”

While the self-taught DJ does produce remixes to music, it seems that he is pretty handy with recreating iconic theme songs and tones. His popular YouTube video is a cover remix of the “Breaking Bad” theme song, which has racked up more than 1.2 million since it was uploaded six months ago.