This Genius Invention Separates Egg Whites From The Yolk Better Than You’ve Ever Seen Before (Video)

Love them, hate them, or have no opinion whatsoever about them, egg separators exist. Their primary (and really, only) function is to separate egg whites from egg yolks. Some people will point out that you can do this using only the egg itself, or perhaps a slotted spoon if you’re fancy; others will insist that using some sort of gadget is the only way to go — especially if, as in this video, you find yourself needing to separate approximately 30 eggs at once.

As demonstrated in the video, the egg separator uses the force of gravity to send egg innards sliding down a chute with a slotted surface. The egg white oozes down into a collecting tray below, while the intact yolks slither their way down the chute and plop into a collecting container. Behold the future of egg separation!