This Guy Really Doesn’t Want To Sell His Subaru WRX

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Subaru fans are known for their extreme brand loyalty. So it’s not too surprising that this Craigslist poster is reluctant to sell his 2003 WRX. Willing to let it go for the low, low price of “what I paid for it 10 years ago minus $400,” this guy is the antithesis of the high-pressure car salesman. Rather than go through the trouble of snapping detailed shots of every nook and cranny, you get to see as little of the car as possible. Pictures of the odometer aren’t present either, but the potential suitor is informed that this majestic metal steed has only 85,000 city miles on it: “…but rest assured that most of those 85k miles were spent at full throttle, rapidly accelerating in and out of 7-11 parking lots.”

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Image via imgur

The seller makes it clear that the act of selling his beloved WRX was brought on by his significant other, who is presumably with child now. Rather than ditch the sweet ride of his glory days for a “minivan/SUV atrocity with a big enough rear window to put those infuriating family stickers on,” this brave soul decided to fly in the face of convention and create the anti-advertisement.

But actually, if this is not a guerilla marketing ploy by Subaru, he could find himself getting close to that 2003 sticker price if this ad truly becomes e-famous.