This Guy’s Street Performance As A ‘Transformer’ Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

We see a lot of street performers here in New York, but who knew that there was a guy in Ann Arbor, Michigan who was putting every other street performer to shame with an act unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

New Orleans native, Joslyn Paige, 28, is spending his days this summer turning himself into a robot, then a car, and then back again this summer. That’s right—like a real-life Transformer. After spending about five weeks and a cool $700-800 on his ridiculously cool costume, Paige says he’s having a ball watching the the excitement from people who stop to check out his act. And the tips? He says his best day has already brought him in $700.

“I usually get wide-open mouths. Gasps,” Paige told the Detroit Free Press.

A lot of people are really excited to see something like this. I feel like it’s pretty different.”

And who wouldn’t be left awe-inspired after watching his act?

After finding himself homeless in New Orleans a few years back, Paige said the craft of street performance was calling out to him—so that’s what he set out to do, pretty much coming up with the most badass street performance act in the process. And if you ask him what he loves best about his Transformer act? You won’t be surprised to find out that he’s just another guy looking for the same thing we all want in the pursuit of our passions.

“The freedom,” Paige says.

No boss. I set my own hours. If I don’t want to go to work in the morning, I don’t have to call anybody and tell them. I just don’t go. Nobody’s relying on me.”