This Indian PSA Shows How Ridiculous Men Look When They Stare At Women In Public (Video)


A Mumbai film institute released a clever public service announcement to show just how gross men appear when they ogle complete strangers in public.

The wordless commentary shows women in everyday scenarios: driving a moped, riding a bus and sitting in a cafe. Each woman garners stares from multiple men simply because they’re there. But they turn the tables on the men by holding up a mirror to their actions – literally. The men are left shocked by their own appearances and presumably change their leering ways.

While it’s not quite as simple in reality, the PSA created by the Whistling Woods International Institute sends an important message to people in India: women are out in public because they are people with lives, not because men need a place to rest their eyes. Objectification of women has been a growing issue in India, with some especially brutal rape and murder cases making international news.

This ad was released on Dec. 16 to mark the one-year anniversary of a highly publicized rape in Delhi. In that case, a 23-year-old woman on a bus home was raped and bludgeoned by six men and died shortly after the incident of her injuries.

Another woman was set on fire and killed on New Years Eve in West Bengal after speaking out against two men who had raped her.

Watch the simple yet strong message below.