This Is The Worst Buzzer-Beater And Worst Offensive Foul Ever (Video)

screen shot via YouTube

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Minnesota Timberwolves last night, but they got some major help.

That’s Gorgui Dieng, Senegal native and rookie center for the Timberwolves forgetting he was on defense. All he had to do was catch the ball, swat it away, anything except what he did. Poor Gorgui. The 6’11” big man must have felt like the smallest man in Minny after that one. But, as bad as that play was, you will not believe how bad this offensive foul call was.

The Toronto Raptors were down 105-99 while visiting Sacramento last night. With 25 seconds left, Kyle Lowry of the Raptors knocks down a beautiful clutch three as he gets knocked to the floor. There’s a whistle, and it looks like an apparent four point play opportunity. Except it wasn’t at all.

I’ve watched this over and over and see no offensive foul. The technical is understandable, under the new rules you can’t run away from a play in protest. Did the Raptors play a sloppy game or were the refs just favoring the Kings? It would take a re-watch of a Kings-Raptors game, so I’ll leave that up to someone else. But, the Kings shot 51 free throws against the Canadian club, and made 41 of them in a game that was only decided by 8 points. Ouch.