This Is What Happens When You Prank Your Parents With A Question About STDs

nathan fielder prank

Everybody knows anyone who asks a question “for a friend,” is just trying to cover their own ass. In this case, there is no “friend,” just Comedy Central’s Nathan Fielder asking you to pull another prank. Fielder often uses Twitter to ask his followers to pull jokes on others, and recently asked his following to pull a prank on their parents:

Fielder received a huge response to the prank, and many posted screenshots of their text conversation with Mom or Dad. Some of the replies were nothing one might expect:

Other parents were most obviously alarmed by their son or daughter’s question and expressed their readiness to remedy the situation one way or another:

Others took their children’s question very seriously and were ready to provide the answer:

And one parent was either unfazed by the question or too preoccupied to care: